MUDr. Jiří Štětinský

Jiří is a specialist in upper and lower eyelid surgery, eyelid surgery and other aesthetic procedures. He works at the Ostrava University Hospital and at the PRIMED Clinic of aesthetic medicine in Havířov.


MUDr. Jiří Štětinský

More than 10 years of experience Member of the Czech Medical Association

My name is Jirka and in my work I specialize mainly in blepharoplasty, ear pinning and other
cosmetic surgeries. I work at the Centre of Burns Treatment and Reconstructive Surgery in
the University Hospital in Ostrava and in the PRIMED Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in
the Czech city of Havířov.


How I got into plastic surgery

In 2001 I graduated from the medical faculty of the University Hospital in Olomouc and after
completing all mandatory internships I started working with patients with burns and
performing reconstructive surgeries not only in the area of aesthetically exposed body
locations. I was certified in plastic surgery in 2021.

What is my job in PRIMED Clinic?

In my work at PRIMED Clinic I specialize in local anesthesia surgeries, specifically upper and
lower eyelid surgeries, correction of droopy eyelids, Botox fillers and hyaluronic acid fillers. I
also assist other specialists in the performance of various types of surgeries including major
procedures under general anesthesia such as abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and
breast modelling.

Education and apprenticeship

A graduate of the medical faculty of the University Hospital in Olomouc
Specialization in Surgery, 1st grade in 2004
Specialization in Burns Treatment, 2010
Post diploma Studies at the Medical Faculty of the University Hospital in Olomouc aimed at
the use of laser radiation, 2012-2017
Specialization in Plastic Surgery, 2021
Internships at the plastic surgery clinic of the University Hospital in Královské Vinohrady, at
the ward of plastic surgery and hand surgery of the University Hospital in Ostrava