MUDr. Pavel Havránek

Pavel is the lead physician of the transplantation center at the University Hospital in Ostrava with more than 30 years of experience.


MUDr. Pavel Havránek

Head of the Transplantation Center of FN Ostrava. More than 30 years of medical practice. A grandfather to many, a lover of sports and of good wine.

My name is Pavel Havránek and I have been a doctor for more than 35 years. My medical practice started in Ostrava, then I worked for several years in Havířov to then return to Ostrava. Since 1994 I have been working at the University Hospital in Ostrava, from a nationwide point of view, a very important workplace.

I have been a transplant specialist for almost 25 years, and I have been working a bit longer in the field of vascular surgery. Since 2016 I have been the lead doctor of the Transplantation Center of the University Hospital in Ostrava.

I believe that with my experience, you will like to meet me at a non-binding consultation at PRIMED Clinic where I would like to help you with the health troubles that bother you!



How did I get to the field of plastic surgery?

Since my graduation, I have been working in surgery in which I have attained stage II. certification. Over time, I began to specialize in vascular surgery, in which I also obtained a certificate. I have been working at the University Hospital in Ostrava (FNO) since 1994, especially in the area of transplantation.
I’m not a classic plastic surgeon, but with my experience and specialization, I am an expert on varicose veins and their treatment.

So if your varicose veins are bothering or you are ashamed of them, you have just found a solution – order a non-binding consultation with us at PRIMED Clinic and get rid of your problem!

What is my position at PRIMED Clinic?

At PRIMED Clinic, I’m the main specialist in treating varicose veins. I oversee all types of surgeries of varicose veins including sclerotherapy of varicose veins.
The work at PRIMED Clinic is something new to me, despite my rich professional experience, and it gives me a new look at my medical practice. Closer contact with clients and a more personal approach to solving their problems is a welcome addition to my work.

I will be looking forward to our meeting!

Education and practice

- Head Physician of the Transplantation Center of UH Ostrava (2016 – present)
- Transplantation Center of FN Ostrava (1994 – present)
- Certification in the field of Vascular Surgery (2001)
- Surgical stem II (exam 1995)
- Surgical stem (exam 1987)
- Department of Surgery, Havířov Municipal Hospital (1989-1993)
- Department of Surgery of Ostrava Municipal Hospital (1983-1989)
- Faculty of Medicine, Palacký University, Olomouc, General Medicine (1976-1983)
I have also been to a number of courses and professional seminars that I have been attending at the present time as well to offer my patients the most modern and effective treatments.