Reduction of areolas

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Reduction of areolas

Beautiful breasts, with ideal areolas, like you always wanted!

Each breast is different, not only in size and shape but also in the shape of areolas. Even they may be small, large, light or dark. All of them are fine, but if they are not liked by the woman, it is unnecessary to worry about them all life. The procedure that adjusts their size is relatively easy, leaving only unnoticeable scars and increased women’s self-confidence. One should do the best to be happy and take an action, such as the reduction of areolas, there is nothing to worry about.

If you also do not like the size or shape of your areolas, stop worrying and order a free consultation at PRIMED Clinic. Our specialists will help you achieve your dreams!

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The areola is a circular area around the nipple that has a darker color over the surrounding skin. Beneath it, there are the mammary glands that allow the woman to breastfeed. The color and size of the areola differs for each woman and may change during pregnancy. The changes are irreversible.
Pregnancy is one of the most common causes of areola enlargement (hypertrophy). Otherwise, it may also occur due to menopause, hormonal changes or previous surgery. It is quite normal and some women do not mind areola enlargement. Others perceive it as ugly.

Areola reduction is good for anyone who is not happy with the looks and that applies even to men. As we have revealed, there are many factors supporting their enlargement. Size is also affected by genes. Some women even have one areola larger than the other since their birth. Even in this case, there is a solution – we reduce the areola to match the other.
The change of size of the areolas may be combined with breast modeling, reduction or breast enlargement. However, if you are happy with the shape of your breasts, it will be enough to adjust the areolas.

We can not perform the procedure for pregnant or breastfeeding women. In general, we recommend that you wait until you plan no further pregnancy during which the color and shape of your areolas may still change. On the other hand, even after the surgery, it is possible to breastfeed, the function remains.
Of course, the surgery may only be performed on healthy breasts. We will not perform it during inflammatory or oncological diseases. It’s all about your safety.

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FAQ ABOUT reduction of areolas

What is the preoperative preparation like?

At the initial consultation, the specialist will explain how the areolas will be reduced and what you will have to follow. A preoperative examination will be performed, mammography is also appropriate. Your health and safety is our first priority.
If you happen to be sick at the time of the planned surgery, please inform us as soon as possible. Even common flu can aggravate recovery. We only perform it on healthy patients.

How does the areola reduction itself work?

The surgery is performed either in general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The reduction of areolas itself can be done in local anesthesia. In combination with other breast surgery, general anesthesia is necessary.
Your doctor will cut the areolas to your desired size, and remove the excess skin from the edges. The wound is stitched around the edges of the areolas so that the scar is not too visible.

How long does the convalescence take?

After surgery, the areolas are stuck with a sterile patch and covered with a gauze. This is the way to protect the wounds for fourteen days and after about a week the breasts may be washed. In order to better absorb scars, we recommend pressure massage and moisturizing lotions. Painfulness is totally depending on the person, you will overcome it with common pain medication. For the first couple of weeks, avoid physical activity, wear soft brassieres that do not develop pressure. You can return to work almost immediately if you do not have a physically demanding job.