Upper eyelid plastic surgery

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Upper eyelid plastic surgery

Brighten your eyes, become young and be more attractive!

The whole body ages over time, experiencing hard times and lack of rest. Unfortunately, it is most visible on the face, especially on the eyes. And while the dark circles under your eyes can easily be masked, it is not possible to manage the same at home with the skin excess of the upper eyelids. But at our clinic, the surgery of the upper eyelids (blepharoplasty) is similarly routine, as if you were trying to cover up the unsightly circles with makeup.

Do your upper eyelids bother you too? Visit us at PRIMED Clinic, our specialists will take a look, discuss your ideas, and find a solution to get rid of a problem.

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Saggy upper eyelid skin definitely is not just a cosmetic problem. The face looks sadder because of them, but the worst thing is that it prevents you from enjoying a normal life. When your eyelids fall, you can feel it. It is hard to apply mascara or eyeshadow, and you may even have difficulty seeing. It’s hard for you to keep your eyes open and not to blink too much.
There are several reasons for the drop in the lids. The reason may be:

- old age – gravity has an effect,
- a genetic predisposition to a disorder of skin elasticity,
- other illnesses, sometimes the eyelids are dropped by the manifestation of vascular and heart disease,
Whether you know what is causing your trouble or not, upper eyelid augmentation (blepharoplasty) will always help. This is a routine matter in our clinic and we have extensive experience with it. The clients are always satisfied after the procedure – not only their eyes do not look so tired, but it also takes away a few years from their age.

Blepharoplasty may be risky for people taking blood thinners. Another problem can be diseases – the plastic surgery of the upper eyelids, as well as our other procedures, can not be done to patients with a cold, chronic or acute diseases, infections in the eye, herpes, during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The body is weakened in such a situation, and consequently, problems with convalescence may occur.
At our clinic, we will not allow surgery to anyone who may have problems with full healing because our goal is 100% satisfaction and safety of the client in all circumstances.

Blepharoplasty was supposed to help me mainly from the constant fatigue of my eyes and bad vision. The lids had dropped quite visibly, and it was bothering me during normal activities. Therefore, another solution did not exist.
At PRIMED Clinic, they were willing to talk to me about the date of surgery that would suit me well, and I was also pleased they had let me go home so early. The procedure went without the slightest complications and I am satisfied with the result. But the greatest pleasure of all for me was to see people around me notice it and almost everyone told me that I had become younger by a few years.

As you can see. We do not provide the Elixir of Youth at the clinic, but we can take away a few years from your age. When will you decide to get younger yourself?

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Price start at 700 EUR

FAQ ABOUT upper eyelid plastic surgery

How does the preparation for the upper eyelid plastic surgery work?

The doctor first evaluates the condition of the eyelids and the suitability of the operation in your particular case. Together we will schedule a date, you will be explained the procedure and postoperative measures. You will always know what to expect in advance.
A few weeks before surgery, it is necessary to avoid enzyme preparations (e.g. Wobenzym), do not smoke, do not use acetylsalicylic acid medicine and blood thinners (Acylpirin, Warfarin, Aspirin, Mironal, Neuralgen and others).

What follows after the blepharoplasty itself?

The operation of the upper eyelids itself is performed as an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. This is a simple procedure that takes about an hour.
The doctor will pre-draw on your eyelids how much skin or fat will be removed. Then cuts, removes excess skin and removes fat bags, stitches the wound, and places a sterile patch over it. The resulting scar is not even visible because it is hidden in the natural groove.

How to behave after the upper eyelid surgery?

You can return home almost immediately, but the condition is to have an escort, dark glasses are recommended. Of course, you have to let your eyes relax for a few days, which means not driving a vehicle, not watching the computer screen and television too much, limiting a more demanding physical work, not leaning forward. We recommend cooling the lids with gel bags from the refrigerator (not from the freezer).
One week after surgery, you will visit us again so the doctor can remove your stitches. If no undesirable complications occur, you should be able to return to physical work and doing sport two weeks after the surgery.