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Ear surgery

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Protruding ears is one of the most common cosmetic defects. They can be two-sided, which is the most common or one-sided where there is a large angular inclination or a change in the size of the lobe on just one ear. Lobe may be generally enlarged, protruding or with differently shaped anomalies. Often, a combination of all groups of birth defects can be seen.

Otoplasty (Otoplasty) is a procedure that solves the inherent variations in the shape of the ear pinna and other protruding shape distortion, which patients have congenital or after injuries. The problem of protruding ears can be solved already in childhood before school attendance, which prevents mockery, in the worst case, the bullying of children with this disability. Even in adulthood, this simple operation can be performed by a routine surgery in local anesthesia.

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Our clinic of plastic surgery PRIMED Clinic recommends undergoing the operation of the ears and all their deformations to patients who suffer from this appearance and because of that suffer from low self-confidence.
Most congenital developmental defects are not particularly serious, they are often genetically defined and are minor or greater variations in the shape, size, and position of the earlobes. We can recognize the normal lobe depending on the upper shroud, located at the height of the outer corner of the eye, the edge of the ear is pointing upward toward the eyebrows. The earlobe is usually in the plane of the nose tip, the usual ear gap is at an angle of 20-30 degrees.

The development of earlobes is complex in shape and anatomically, sometimes it develops poorly or the opposite, it develops to an abnormal edge of the lobe, it can be twisted, for example to the shape of a cone. The earlobe is also affected, it may be long, wide, small, undeveloped, incomplete or bifurcated. We are able to cope with all these abnormalities.

Our team of qualified doctors recommends solving the ear issue as soon as possible, ideally between the seventh to the tenth year of child’s age, when the growth of earlobes is completed, during this period the extra procedure itself is fully covered by a health insurance company.
Less serious defects may solve themselves with age and the imperfections compared to the normal appearance may disappear. In most cases, the defects are more and more visible at a later age, and there are many people who decide to deal with this deficiency in adulthood.

Most often, of course, we realize there are imperfections during puberty and then also later in adulthood. Common is that if people change their hairstyle, partner or job, they may begin to worry about their protruding ears even at a later age.

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Due to the fact that the operation of lobes is performed in local anesthesia with little calming of the patient, a complete contraindication is not recorded. In other words, otoplasty can be done almost at any point. At our clinic, however, we do not operate on people with acute illness. After a thorough consideration, a person with diabetes, reduced blood clotting or susceptibility to the formation of keloid scars can be operated on.
Otoplasty is a painless procedure, which can be performed under general anesthesia in exceptional situations. In this case, however, preoperative examinations are also required.

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FAQ ABOUT Ear surgery

What can you expect before the ear surgery?

Our clinic performs protruding ears surgery in an outpatient intervention, so most patients go home on the day of the operation itself.
You will arrive at our clinic with your hair washed at the agreed time, and we will fill out the necessary forms together with your consent to the surgery. Photographic documentation will be taken before the surgery.

How is the ear plastic surgery performed?

Ear surgery is performed in local anesthesia, and it takes about an hour. An incision is made on the back of the ear and the resulting scar is not visible. The skin is relaxed, the cartilage is shaped and the earlobes are drawn with stitches to the head so they are in a satisfactory position.
The overall length of the surgery of ears and aesthetic defects of earlobes depends on the type and size of the defect.

How is the postoperative course after otoplasty?

After otoplasty, the ears are covered with a bandage and fixed with a bandage around the head. The bandage remains on the head for 2 days. After the surgery, you can go home, but it is advisable to have an escort. For the next two days, you may experience a slight pain that can be suppressed with painkillers. On the second day after the surgery, you will visit our clinic for wound dressing and treatment with disinfectants. Approximately after a week, the patients may wash their hair. The stitches are absorbable, so you do not have to deal with stitch removal. Special outer stitch patterns are removed 3 weeks after surgery.
The surgery is simple, but you must observe calmness for about a week after surgery. You can go to work in the office on the next day after the ear plastic surgery. For sports and sleeping, our doctors recommend wearing headbands for one or two months. You can begin doing sports 3 weeks after the surgery.