Miniabdominoplasty of the abdomen

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Miniabdominoplasty of the abdomen

No more saggy skin and excess subcutaneous fat. Just a beautiful belly!

Abdominal plastic surgery, professionally called miniabdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure for removing excess skin and fat and occurs in the area beneath the belly button. This procedure is mainly used by women after repeated deliveries or by people after a greater weight reduction, while they have distinctive skin fat and can not get rid of it even with intensive exercise. These cosmetic flaws can be solved today in a relatively simple and easy way, thanks to the miniabdominoplasty, you can recover your self-esteem and beauty.

If you are also bothered by the cramped skin on your stomach and would like to get rid of it visit us. At PRIMED Clinic, you will quickly and easily get rid of this problem.

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Abdominal surgery is recommended at our Plastic Surgery Clinic PRIMED to all women who want to achieve a perfect look after childbirth or slimming procedures, resulting in a visible excess of skin.
We place great emphasis on stopping the further sagging of the abdominal wall, which can be caused by inappropriately performed exercises. The surgery will bring you very good aesthetic and health results.

During the operation, the procedure may be supplemented with liposuction of hips or abdomen.

The principle of abdominoplasty consists in suturing the distal abdominal muscles, strengthening them, then removing excess skin and subcutaneous fat from the abdominal area. The scar is either straight in the abdomen above the hair or in the shape of an anchor around the navel and the lower abdomen. The appearance and size of the scar depend on the physical dispositions of the patient. However, the scar is usually hidden in the underwear and is nearly not visible. The advantage is that the skin is released from the muscles and, through a downward pull, is nicely stretched out.
Through miniabdominoplasty, we remove only excess tissue under the navel and the thin scar remains only in the lower abdomen. When removing a larger amount of overhanging skin on the abdomen when a belly button is to be placed in a new position, the scar is also formed around the navel and the vertical section should also be routed vertically to the horizontal cut in the lower abdomen.

Unfortunately, we can not operate on a patient who can not have surgery under general anesthesia for major cardiovascular diseases.
Furthermore, we can not operate on patients with untreated abdominal intertrigo under an overhang or any other inflammatory skin diseases.

Our clinic also considers surgery for diabetes due to complicated healing.

In any case, please make an appointment for a free consultation during which our specialist will check your health status and suggest a solution to your problem. Our goal is always to get the desired result while not risking your health.

We have great results, check out our reviews!

Price start at 2 400 EUR

FAQ ABOUT miniabdominoplasty of the abdomen

How is the post-operative care after miniabdominoplasty?

After surgery, the abdominal wall is secured with an elastic band or trousers that you will wear for 4 weeks. The wounds on your stomach are covered with a sterile gauze and fixed with plasters for two weeks.
On the day of the procedure of miniabdominoplasty itself, it is necessary for the patient to stand up from the bed to prevent embolism.

Abdominal surgery is performed in general anesthesia, and hospitalization usually lasts 2-3 days. After two days, a doctor from our clinic will remove drains for residual blood fluids.

At home, you will be treated with disinfection every other day, and you can shower the scar within 4 days of surgery. The stitches are absorbable and it is not necessary to deal with their pulling out. After surgery after about 18 days, we recommend starting a pressure massage of the scars.

After miniabdominoplasty, you can begin light work in the office within 1 week and full physical load after 3-4 weeks. Decreased sensitivity around the scar will disappear over time.

The story of our client Lenka S.

I have two wonderful and beautiful children, but after their birth, I was bothered by the saggy and bulging belly for a long time. The two births were the Caesarean section for health reasons, so the exercise soon after birth was not possible. For a long time, I was troubled by my belly, I only wore loose blouses and shirts and was ashamed to go to public swimming pools. What’s more, it was embarrassing to take off my clothes in front of my husband. However, it had been two years since my last birth and my belly did not change despite exercising regularly and reaching my original weight.
Thanks to my great family, I decided to visit the PRIMED Clinic for post-partum abdominal surgery and it was one of the best decisions in my life. After consulting the doctor, I learned that I had a large gap in my abdominal muscles and I was recommended surgery. Before the surgery, I was afraid, after all, it was a major abdominal surgery, but they assured me in the clinic that it was really a routine procedure. After the surgery, I adhered to the doctor’s instructions, wore stretching clothes, and the result surprised me very much, I had a better figure than before pregnancy. Thank you for the excellent approach and care of the doctors!

Mrs. Lenka has solved her problem and today she has her self-esteem back and a beautiful figure. When will you decide to regain your beauty?

What can you expect before plastic surgery of the abdomen?

First, we discuss how the abdominal surgery takes place, what rules to follow before and after it. Before surgery, we examine you to detect any possible complications.
A few weeks in advance it is necessary to stop taking acetylsalicylic acid and blood thinning (Acylpyrin, Warfarin, Aspirin, Mironal, Neuralgen and others). Do not take enzyme preparations, e.g. Wobenzym. Smokers are advised to stop smoking for at least a few weeks.

Six hours before surgery, it is urgent to give up food and drinking. It is preferable if you empty your body before surgery in the morning and shave the hair on your lower abdomen. Report any health problems since they might result in a longer recovery and complications during healing.