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Implant replacement

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Breats augmentation with breast implants is one of the most common procedures of aesthetic surgery. Many implants are available, both in terms of shape and manufacturer. Some of them are provided with a 10-year warranty, others are covered by warranty for life. However, many patients are interested in implant replacement after some time. The reasons for that may vary.

If you are also interested in the implant replacement, do not hesitate and visit us for a free consultation with our specialist. Your questions will be answered and you will be advised on how best to proceed.

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There are many reasons to replace the implant, we will divide them into groups.
Because of damage: Modern implants are reliable, harmless for the body and durable. However, they may be damaged in the body, most often they get deformed or they rupture. In this case, it is, of course, possible to replace only one implant.

Because of health reasons: The surgeon may recommend implant replacement when he or she observes the implant encapsulation.

When it drops: Breast implants are also subject to gravity and gradually drop as time goes. After ten years, they do not have to look the same as when they were new.

For aesthetic reasons: Sometimes it happens that a woman chooses the wrong implant shape or inappropriate size. An experienced physician will usually recommend to the patient what would be appropriate for her figure, but sometimes the women have their own mind. After surgery, their breasts seem too big or small and they want to change their size later. Of course, it is better to choose the right one the first time, but reaugmentation is definitely better than dissatisfaction.

As a precaution: Some women will have their implants replaced before the warranty period is reached. But it is not necessary.

If the implant breaks, replacement is necessary. If still covered by warranty, the new patient will not pay. At least, if the rupture was not caused because of her action.
And those aesthetic cases? If you do not like your new breasts because they are too big, too saggy, unnaturally round or for any other reason, do not hesitate to start solving the situation. At least by consulting it with an expert who recommends either a replacement or implant removal depending on which you agree on. We know that aesthetic surgery is not a very cheap matter. But what is a few thousand if you have to live with the breasts you do not like for the rest of your life.

Contraindications include various diseases such as epilepsy, severe diabetes, etc. We also avoid performing the surgery for heavy smokers because there is a much higher risk of post-operative complications. It is imperative to be completely healthy, we will not perform it even if you have the common flu. Your safety is our first priority.
Of course, we will not perform it for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers if this is not particularly necessary for medical or other reasons. When it comes to an aesthetic aspect, it is even better to wait for after pregnancy when your breasts are not changing significantly.

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Price start at 3 700 EUR

FAQ ABOUT implant replacement

What is the preoperative preparation like?

First, a professional consultation will take place. The doctor will discuss with you your reasons for implant replacement. It will be explained what you can expect during and after the surgery, the procedure will be clarified. Definitely, bring the documentation on what implants you have now.
In terms of reaugmentation itself, it is performed in general anesthesia, so preoperative examinations will be required. That cannot be forgotten and we do not even perform it without a mammogram picture. You will also have to stop smoking for a few weeks, stop using medicine containing acetylsalicylic acid, blood thinners and enzyme preparations (e.g. Wobenzym, Warfarin, Acylpyrin, Aspirin and others). You must not eat and drink six hours before the surgery.

How is the implant replacement performed?

The doctor will remove the original implant, thoroughly cleans the cavity and insert a new implant. Everything varies slightly depending on the result the patient requests. The implant is placed under a gland or under a muscle.
If it is just a simple replacement, it takes an hour to finish, because the implant cavity has already been made in the body.

How long is the recovery?

Recovery is very similar to when you were at your first breast enlargement, however, pain is much lower.
For a few weeks, you will need to wear a special elastic bra, no physical strain is recommended for 6 weeks.

We also recommend caring for the scar so that it softens, especially by using lotions and performing pressure massage.