Breast reduction

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Breast reduction

No more back pain, discomfort during sport and unnecessary shame!

It is said that women have it complicated in the world because each wants what she does not have. If you have small breasts, you want bigger ones, if you are developed a little more, you envy the women who are almost flat. But the desire for breast reduction may not only be driven by aesthetics, exceptionally developed breasts bring many health problems. But you may already know that breast reduction will help you.

If you have large breasts that bother you aesthetically or complicate your health visit us. We understand your problem and we can make you beautiful breasts that you will not have to be ashamed of and will not complicate your life!

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Some people like big breasts, others do not. There are advantages (you can wear dresses and blouses with deep neckline) and disadvantages (you never go anywhere without a bra). But it is not only about health. Women with a big bust usually suffer from several problems. Among the health reasons, there are mainly the painful back, neck and head or rash under the breasts. Women with bulging busts also have a problem with sports activities. They must slouch, the bra straps dig into the shoulders, etc. To this, we can also add psychological troubles. Being more developed than women around is sometimes not easy. You become a target of silly jokes and your self-esteem does not improve during searching for underwear. Even if you’re otherwise thin, you must buy clothes in stores with oversized clothes, because you will not get your breasts into normal sized clothes.
Is that your story? Visit us to change it. You are not responsible for your big bust, so why should you suffer for it? Sometimes it is a matter of genetics, sometimes it is the result of breastfeeding or large weight gain. And this again does not have to be your own fault. Total obesity is characterized by endocrine and metabolic diseases. Whatever your problem is, breast surgery will solve it.

If you come to us for the purpose of breast reduction, first we assess the situation. We discuss whether you could experience some postoperative complications and what is actually your imagination. We will respect your wishes, but our experienced specialist will, of course, advise you what would be best for you. We will discuss, how your breasts will look after the procedure. During the surgery, we will shape them and may reduce the size of the areola at the same time. It all depends on our agreement. You also choose a term that suits you and, of course, you will also learn about all potential complications.
You do not need to worry about complications if you do not conceal an illness, smoking or other irregularities during which the patient cannot have a surgery. Patients sometimes experience elevated body temperature but this is a natural response to the operation. A hematoma may appear on the chest, which will frighten most of the patients, but it will soon disappear.

We would like to help all women who come to us with a big bust problem, but sometimes it is not possible for health reasons. We will not operate anyone who might be expected to experience further complications.
We recommend resolving breast size and shape only when no further pregnancy is planned. This is often the cause of a change in the size and shape of the bust. If you are still planning a baby, there is a risk that the work of plastic surgeons would be pointless. You may also have problems with the production of breast milk due to the scaring involved in the surgery. That’s why you really need to decide if it is the right time to undergo such surgery.

We can not even operate on you if you suffer from, for example, epilepsy, some acute or chronic illness, hayfever, immune disorders, or you are breastfeeding, or pregnant. We must always wait for you to recover because a weakened body would be healing longer. Worsened healing also occurs in smokers and diabetics.

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FAQ ABOUT breast reduction

What can you expect before breast reduction?

Take a break at work. If you are not doing anything physically demanding, it will be possible to return to work about a week after the surgery, but the longer your home convalescence is, the better.
Do not take enzyme preparations such as Wobenzym, acetylsalicylic acid medicines and blood thinners (e.g. Acylpirin, Warfarin, Aspirin, Mironal and others). Contraception is not a problem, keep taking it. You should not smoke and eat or drink for six hours before surgery.

Your GP will perform a preoperative examination including blood and urine screening, ECG, and for the elder patients include X-ray screenings of your lungs, and evaluate your overall health.

If you become ill during the scheduled time of the surgery, it is necessary to inform us and delay the procedure. For a weakened body, convalescence is always more demanding, so it’s better to wait.

How plastic surgery is performed to reduce breasts?

Breast reduction surgery takes about three hours. We will remove a part of the mammary gland and excess skin, and then mold the breasts to the desired shape.
The procedure is performed in general anesthesia, hospitalization at our clinic is necessary.

How long does recovery take after breast reduction?

With this type of surgery, convalescence is a little more complicated than during other breast adjustments. The next day we remove the drains that are used to drain the rest of the blood fluid. The wounds are secured with patches, apply a sterile gauze and strengthen your new breasts with a modeling bra. Four days after the surgery, you can take a shower.
For about four weeks, we recommend wearing an elastic bra without bones, then choose your own underwear. We do not remove the stitches, they are absorbed, only the ends of the stitches are trimmed after about 3 weeks after surgery.

The scars will heal over time, you can make the process faster with the pressure massages and scar lotions. Forget doing sports or other physical exercise for about a month.