Inverted nipples correction

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Inverted nipples correction

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The breasts are a symbol of femininity, whether small or large. Some people do not mind their size and shape, but atypical nipples. Due to illness or development, nipples may be turned inward. This is not only an aesthetic problem but also a problem that causes complications during breastfeeding. Everything is done by one simple procedure – correction of the inverted nipples.

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Inverted or inward nipples do not protrude outward but are lowered inside the breast. This anomaly occurs most often because of erroneous embryonic development, in which case the woman has a nipple inverted since birth. However, there are cases where the problem occurs during life due to inflammation or cancer in the breast.
There are several stages of this problem. In the first stage, the nipple can be pulled to the surface and it stays out for a while, while in the second it can be pulled out but immediately returns. It does not respond to anything at third level. In such a case, surgery is required.

In the first stage, patients can help themselves. It is appropriate to apply the so-called Hoffman’s technique, stimulation during sexual intercourse may help too. However, it is not guaranteed that these simple procedures will lead to success. If you really want to get rid of the inverted nipples, visit us at PRIMED Clinic.

Inverted nipple surgery is, of course, suitable for women whose nipples are not normally protruding but on the contrary, they are flat or even dipped inward. This is not a serious health problem, and even with it, you can breastfeed, but it is more difficult.
Due to worsened hygiene possibilities, there may occur skin inflammation. Most women, however, are particularly concerned about the aesthetics.

If this is your case, visit us to solve it. Inverted nipple correction is a routine procedure that your body quickly gets used to.

If inverted nipples arise due to a disease, it is necessary to undergo an examination before the procedure. If a patient is planning a pregnancy, it is necessary to consider the correction of the inverted nipples. It is definitely worthwhile in the worst cases when breastfeeding would not possible at all. On the other hand, the milk ways can be damaged during the procedure, then breastfeeding would be prevented for this reason.
Contraindications for inverted nipple correction may be bleeding, acute nipple inflammation and serious overall illness. In case of illness, the procedure should be postponed.

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FAQ ABOUT inverted nipples correction

What is the preoperative preparation like?

Responsible preparation for surgery is the basis of consultation with a doctor. He or she will discuss with you whether a surgical solution is appropriate in your case. The procedure is done under local anesthesia.
Prior to the surgery, it is advisable to stop using blood thinners, and enzyme preparations (e.g. Wobenzym) and medicines containing acetylsalicylic acid (acylpyrin and the like). It is also advisable to quit smoking for at least several weeks before surgery because smoking adversely affects healing and recovery.

What is the inverted nipples correction like?

There are several methods of inward nipple surgery, basically divided into two groups. During the first, milk ways are damaged, but not during the other one. If milk ways and connective tissues that hold the nipple inside are broken, the success rate is greater – but the disadvantage is that breastfeeding is not possible. Therefore, it is always necessary to consider during the consultation which procedure type of intervention we choose.
The procedure itself lasts about half an hour or an hour.

How long is the recovery after the inverted nipple surgery?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so it is not too demanding for the body. General anesthesia is possible if the patient requires it, then hospitalization would be required. Otherwise, it is an outpatient procedure.
After the surgery, it is necessary to use bandages. Possible stitches are removed in about ten days. The patient should then wear soft cotton bras or breast pads to protect the nipple from pressure.