Plastic surgery of the labia

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Plastic surgery of the labia

Comfortable movement, great sex, and regained self-confidence!

Not all manifestations of aging are visible at first glance. With age, the skin is losing its elasticity and gradually loosens. The exception is not even the area of labia – even there the skin loosens, lengthens and loses its original form. In addition, the increase of labia size is influenced by a number of other factors such as undergone births and genetics. However, women do not see the enlarged labia just to be a cosmetic problem. Enlarged labia may cause problems in sexual life and in sports. It is also one of the causes of inflammation of the external genital organs. Plastic surgery of labia (labioplasty) can help.

Modern medicine, fortunately, offers a way to remove the enlarged tissue while preserving its original sensitivity. Plastic surgery of labia is a gentle procedure that makes women feel comfortable during movement again, return their desire for love, and at the same time help them to regain their lost self-esteem.

If the labia bothers you, overcome your shame and contact us. Specialists from PRIMED Clinic will explain how they may solve your problem discreetly and quickly during a free consultation.

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The operation of labia is a procedure for women with larger small labia. The enlarged labia as a cosmetic and practical problem. They interfere with sports because they can not be moved anywhere. They can hurt and push, which is very uncomfortable for the woman.
The benefit of labioplasty is also great in sex life. Women are ashamed of their big labia and deliberately avoid intercourse, which itself is not that pleasant for them.

The plastic surgery of the labia is not difficult and affects the body only marginally. We recommend it to all mature patients who are in good health.

Increased size of labia may also be a result of mechanical stress due to the use of piercings and decorations made of heavy metals. Further, due to lymphatic congestion or chronic inflammation due to urine incontinence. The increase in labia may be congenital.

The procedure is safe at any time after reaching a woman’s sexual maturity. We operate patients before and after pregnancy.

As part of the consultation, we will look at the patient and discuss it with details about the appropriate treatment of labia minora. We will set the date of the procedure, the exact price, and we will provide you with all the information regarding the day and postoperative care. The patient undergoes a preoperative examination to determine if there is anything that prevents the procedure.
The size of the labia is perceived subjectively. There is no specific definition or grade standard. Therefore, we take into account the standard anatomical data and the requests of the patients.

In general, labia are considered “normal” if they are hidden inside or do not appear over the edge of the labia majora. Exceeding the edge by the 1-3 cm is considered to be mild to moderate hypertrophy. If the labia exceed the edge of the labia majora by more than 3 cm, it is severe hypertrophy.

The most common reasons for the surgical reduction of labia is the pronounced asymmetry of the genitals, the zipper catching, the complicated hygiene, the pain during movement and sexual intercourse, the discomfort when wearing tight clothing and the intermittent urine release.

Despite the fact that labioplasty is a very gentle procedure, there are also contraindications in its case. However, these are relative and not absolute contraindications and include active gynecological disorders (e.g. a genital tumor, infections …), strong smoking (adverse effects on healing) or ongoing menses.
We also do not recommend surgery to women with unrealistic expectations and demands on the outcome. However, we will discuss this together during the consultation and help you find the optimal solution to your problem.

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Price start at 800 EUR

FAQ ABOUT plastic surgery of the labia

What should I do before plastic surgery of the labia?

The patient must not have any infectious disease two weeks before surgery. Otherwise, we will shift the date of the procedure. At the same time, medicines such as aspirin, medicines that increase bleeding and bruising must be avoided.
At least two days before surgery, the patient should not drink alcohol because it increases the risk of bleeding and bruising.

How is the plastic surgery of the labia performed?

Labioplasty is performed outpatient in local anesthesia or while hospitalized in general anesthesia or sedation. We will always specify the procedure before surgery.
Duration usually ranges between 20-40 minutes. You do not have to have concerns about visible scars – a small scar is virtually inconspicuous and is not bothering.

How long does recovery take after labioplasty?

We recommend that patients use loose sleepwear after surgery. Postoperative pain is usually very mild, and in case of discomfort, analgesics may be used (e.g. Paralen). Labia are very swollen, with swelling reaching a maximum between 48 and 72 hours after surgery. It gradually fades away for days or weeks.
Patients should be calm physically a few days after the procedure (we recommend 3-4 days). Therefore, it is best for the patient to have at least a week off. The return to sex life is possible after about 6 weeks.