Plastic surgery of thighs and arms

about the intervention

Plastic surgery of thighs and arms

No more saggy skin and unsightly skin folds, just beautiful arms and thighs!

Plastic surgery of thighs and arms is an intervention used to reduce the amount of loose skin and all the skin folds that look ugly on the thighs and arms. With age, the skin happens to lose its elasticity and that leads to its loosening and development of bigger masses of skin. The same result can be expected during various reduction programmes, body parts with more leftover skin are characteristic of this. Diets and rapid changes of lifestyle actually result in an ugly looking saggy skin in all sorts of places including the area of thighs and arms. This skin unevenness does not look nice and bother during personal hygiene. Because of these, eczema often occurs. Not only in these cases plastic surgery of thighs and arms could help you.

If you are one of the people who suffer from saggy skin on your arms or thighs, do not worried about it and order a free consultation at PRIMED Clinic. Our specialists will help you get rid of loose skin!

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Plastic surgery of thighs and arms can help when there is no other way to get rid of skin folds and excess fat in these areas. Unfortunately, most of the times, exercises, and other activities do not help.
If your skin folds are so large that they are in the way or they do not make you feel good do not hesitate and visit our clinic. We would explain everything to you during a non-binding consultation and, if you want, we will perform the appropriate procedure. It all depends on your entrance check.

Thigh and arm surgery is a more extensive procedure and therefore it is necessary to be in a 100% health condition to eliminate unnecessary postoperative complications or worsened healing.
If you have had a viral infection within 14 days of the planned surgery, we will not go through with it. If you are a smoker, it is better if you stop smoking for a few weeks before the surgery – it will greatly improve postoperative healing.

The effect of the surgery of thighs and arms is permanent. For a few weeks or months, you can experience your scars to be quite pronounced. It is, therefore, best to perform pressure massages in the area of the scars.
Do not worry about bruising, soreness, and sensitivity during the immediate days after the surgery. If you do not keep resting, you may experience swelling and increased pain and body temperature. As with any surgical procedure, complications in form of worse wound healing with infection or hematoma may occur.

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Price start at 3 200 EUR

FAQ ABOUT plastic surgery of thighs and arms

Preoperative preparation

The plastic surgery of arms and thighs is a more extensive procedure and is therefore performed in general anesthesia.
Before surgery, you must undergo a preoperative examination at your GP. Six hours before intervention you should not eat, drink or smoke.

What is the course of plastic surgery of thighs and arms?

Excessive skin in the thigh and arm area is removed by accurate cuts. Their planning is an integral part of the preoperative examination. If necessary, the excess fatty tissue in this area will be removed.
In both the buttocks and thighs, the incision is made in such a way that the scar is subsequently in a natural fold. You can easily hide it either in your underwear or during bathing in your swimwear. The scars on the arms will be on the underside.

If the thigh and arm plastic surgery are more extensive, drains will be introduced, and these will release blood with tissue secretion for the first about 24 hours after surgery. At the end of the surgery, compressed elastic bandages or elastic sleeves are attached at the treated parts.

Postoperative course and recovery

After surgery, you will be staying in our bed for 1 to 2 days. The duration of your stay will logically depend on the overall scope of the surgery.
After surgery, we recommend that you keep resting for 14 days. Office work can be performed about a week after surgery. The arms are, however, fixed by elastic sleeves for 4-6 weeks. If you have undergone surgery on your thighs, office workers will be possible only after 14 days. You will have to wear compression underwear for another 4 weeks.

A full physical load is possible 4 to 6 weeks after the procedure.