Lower eyelid plastic surgery

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Lower eyelid plastic surgery

No udereye bags, unnecessary wrinkles and a tired look!

The eyes are said to be a window into the soul. Often it is they which tell about our worries or show our age. Around the eyes, our life literally writes everything we experience. And so it happens over time that they will start calling for improvement. Lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is a relatively common procedure that treats patients who would otherwise not even think of a plastic surgery. And it is not even the exclusive domain of women. Increasingly, patients – men are also interested in this surgery.

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Are you bothered by so-called bags under your eyes? Their cause is fat prolapses. Our eye is surrounded by fat that can absorb various impacts. Over time and with our growing age, however, this fat has a tendency to show itself externally. Just then under the eyes, there will appear so-called bags, which may often have a significantly darker color than the rest of the face. All of this may look like swelling. And the intervention in the form of lower eyelid surgery (ie. blepharoplasty) solves this problem of our clients.
Lower eyelid surgery is mainly done for aesthetic reasons. It is however different from another intervention – which is upper eyelid surgery during which in addition to aesthetic reasons, other reasons may also play a role, for example, impaired vision or greater fatigue of the eyes later in the day and similar. Blepharoplasty, which is what the lower eyelid surgery is also called, can remove or mitigate the already mentioned unsightly bags and circles under the eyes, but also remove wrinkles under the eyes. After surgery, flaccidity and excess skin disappear in this part of the face.

While it is relatively easy to treat patients with blepharoplasty, we only recommend it to fully healthy patients.
In the case of a cold, a chronic illness, or if you have inflammation in the eye, it is necessary to postpone the surgery.

Similarly, it is not recommended for women during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Even in this case, it is advisable to wait with the procedure.

Today I’m fifty. The first child was born to me when I was 35, the second when I was 38, and although I enjoyed my maternity, it showed on my appearance. The fatigue associated with the care for young children was visible in the face and eyes. The truth is that I also neglected to care for my face for lack of time. Children’s evening bathing ended with me falling asleep with my children without standard skin care. Repeated night waking especially for breastfeeding did not help either. Today, my children are grown, and I realize that I would have them forever in my heart, but the memory of their childhood did not need to be under my eyes. That’s why I decided to get rid of the unsightly bags under my eyes.
At the PRIMED Clinic, I literally became 15 years younger. I didn’t only surprise myself but also the people around me. My face had been regenerating for almost a month, but now I look better. My eyes became young, and I think my soul got younger with them. It’s no surprise when everybody is repeatedly praising you for your good looks and wondering if are you even getting old.

Are you bothered by unsightly bags and dark circles under your eyes too? Grow young again thanks to a painless and easy procedure at our clinic!

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FAQ ABOUT lower eyelid plastic surgery

Preoperative measures for lower eyelid surgery

If you have an appointed date for blepharoplasty, it is necessary to stop using medicines containing acetylsalicylic acid for a few days. This also applies to other blood-thinning medicines. These include, for example, Acylpirin, Aspirin, Mironal, Neuralgen, Warfarin, and others. Suitable is not to use or enzyme preparations such as Wobenzym. This is where patients often make mistakes. But there is no reason to discontinue hormonal contraception.
In addition, it is not allowed to smoke before surgery. It is with smokers that the most common complications of bad wound healing occur.

How is the lower eyelid surgery performed?

Lower eyelid surgery is one of the simplest interventions. This is done outpatient, without narcosis, only with local anesthetics. Do not worry about pain. The procedure itself is truly painless. A number of clients get it together with the upper eyelid surgery.
There are two ways of how the actual cut is performed in our clinic. To remove bags under the eyes, and with it the excess and swollen skin, the cut is performed at a distance of 1.5 to 2 mm below the eyelashes. After healing, the scar is almost invisible at this place. If there is no need to remove excess skin and your skin still retains its elasticity, it is only possible to remove the bags under the eyes with short incisions. The total duration of the procedure is about one hour. It always depends on the overall scope of the operation.

Postoperative course for the lower eyelid surgery and length of recovery

Plastic surgery of the lower eyelids does not require hospitalization. Almost immediately after the surgery, you can go home. But be sure to have an escort. Dark glasses are suitable. In any case, do not drive a car.
In the home treatment after surgery, it is advisable to put cooling gel bags to the eyes. Attention! They should only be from the fridge, not from the freezer. The patches and sutures are removed about a week after surgery, or after the wounds are healed. Patients should observe resting for about two weeks The best time to get back to work is also 14 days later.