Reduction of male breasts

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Reduction of male breasts

Get rid of the unpleasant problem, quick, without complications and regain self-confidence!

Breast surgery has long been not only a privilege for women. Why have they become so popular with men in recent years? Gynecomastia, an increase of male breasts to a non-standard size, is one of the problems that, while not posing a major health risk, can be bothersome. This is an attack on a man’s self-confidence. Those who do not suffer from such difficulties often fail to understand why a radical solution in the form of surgical reduction is so important when it is so simple to live with them. Human psyche, however, has the same influence on the quality of life of an individual as its health, and so it is not appropriate to underestimate it.

There is no reason to worry if you can receive a positive improvement in life, quickly and practically without risk. Experienced physicians from PRIMED Clinic will help you take the first step on the path to new self-confidence. Order for a free consultation today!

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The atypical growth of the mammary gland occurs mainly due to hormonal imbalance, which can often be encountered during puberty when hormones are most active. We then encounter it with increasing age. In some cases, the mammary gland can reach up to feminine breast size. Fortunately, this is not an insoluble situation, so you do not have to hide from others at the beach or the gym.
Your first step should be to visit an endocrinologist who will investigate and diagnose you. Sometimes surgery may not be the only alternative, and hormonal treatment can be applied. If this is not the case, you can solve this condition with a routine procedure. There are, of course, cases where the accumulation of fat tissue in your breast is the result of an incorrect diet – we would then first recommend you to make a complex change.

You should undergo gynecomastia if:

- you have had a marked increase in the size of mammary glands,
- breasts are big or dropped,
one breast is significantly larger than the other,
- an endocrinologist confirmed the diagnosis,
- the condition of your breasts troubles you and you want to change it,
- hormonal treatment is not possible.

Before the surgery, you can surely expect consultation at our clinic. We will thoroughly examine and ask you important questions about your health, but above all, we will explain all the treatment options in detail, the course of the surgery, and we will tell you about possible complications, although there might not be many for this treatment.
You are not subscribed to anything by going to a consultation – make a date for the surgery right then, or take as long as you wish to think about it, it is all up to you.

As is the case with all procedures, surgery is not appropriate for everyone. We will not recommend it in cases where breast enlargement can be corrected by hormonal treatment or simple lifestyle changes, and we will certainly not perform it on anyone who might be in serious risk of having complications.
Cosmetic procedures should not be performed if you suffer from any serious health problem. It may be, for example, diabetes, immune disorders, epilepsy and some other chronic and acute diseases that weaken your body.

And what if you become infected with influenza or virosis shortly before the appointed date? In such a case, do not hide it from us, you will need to delay the procedure.

Smokers should limit their passion before surgery or even better eliminate it altogether.

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Price start at 1 200 EUR

FAQ ABOUT reduction of male breasts

The course of male breast surgery (gynecomastia)

Breast surgery for men can take place in several ways. It always depends on the exact problem you are experiencing. Breasts are made up of two types of tissue – a firm breast gland and a fine, sparse fat. Gynecomastia can be caused by both gland enlargement and excess fat.
If you suffer only from a lesser gynecomastia, you will undergo liposuction, in which excess fatty tissue will be sucked out of your chest. Such an intervention can be performed in local anesthesia without hospitalization at our clinic.

If you are suffering from major gynecomastia, an incision is then let around the breast and the enlarged gland is surgically removed. If the breast is too large or lowered, excess skin must also go. There is a need for a complete narcosis after which PRIMED Clinic experts will watch you for 1-2 days. The procedure is not difficult or too painful and takes about an hour.

Reduction of male breasts is a routine procedure for us.

Postoperative care and possible complications of gynecomastia

After a short hospital stay, during which we monitor your condition and if necessary administer analgesics, which is then followed by a longer home care. After surgery, you will need to wear an elastic t-shirt with a pull-in effect for some time. The wounds beneath it are covered with a sterile patch. This garment is only a minor inconvenience and you will wear it for only 4 weeks.
Do not be frightened if you experience minor swelling or bruising. That is normal after a surgery and everything disappears in a week or two.

What else can you expect? Reduced sensitivity of the treated surfaces and their hardness to the hand will be gone after three months. Besides that, you may notice that your skin is not completely smooth, but it usually pulls itself out after time. If your breasts were too big or saggy, there is a possibility that there will remain a small part of the tissue not removed. This cosmetic problem may be easily remedied by another, lesser procedure.

If you have a sedentary job that does not require too much physical effort, you will be able to return to work in a week after this undemanding procedure. You will have to give up the gym for up to 6 weeks. Avoid visiting solariums, saunas and swimming pools.

The story of Petr: I know cosmetic surgery can change a life

The twenty-six-year-old Petr turned to PRIMED Clinic only after gynecomastia complicated his life for 6 years. Does his story inspire you?
I first noticed my enlarged chest in puberty. Sadly, they were not muscles. It did not bother me then, though I must say that some unflattering remarks certainly came from my classmates. The real hell came after the age of 20 when I became a member of a local football team. It meant that everytime in the locker room I had to compare myself with others, and I didn’t like what I saw at all.

For a long time, I did not know what could be responsible. As a child, I used to be a bit chubby – which had not been true for a long time, but I blamed it and I literally exercised for life. But it did not go anywhere. My muscles showed on my legs and hands, but the problem did not go away. I found the article on gynecomastia on the Internet basically by accident and I immediately identified it on me. Now, half a year later, I feel completely different.

In retrospect, I realize how much I subjected my life to be ashamed of myself. The feeling that I just could not be liked caused a lot of problems with my ex-girlfriends. I had almost nothing but stretched sweatshirts and t-shirts in my closet. Even the sport did not really make me feel confident. Some friends think that having an unnecessary surgery was stupid, risky, or money wasting. But they will not understand because they have never experienced what it is like to be different from others.