Rejuvenation of the fat (lipofilling and lipografting)

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Rejuvenation of the fat (lipofilling and lipografting)

Use your own fat, look younger and more rested without complications!

Are you asking yourself in front of a mirror every day how can I look younger and more rested? The fresh face should have a sufficient volume of subcutaneous fat tissue that naturally prevents the occurrence of spurs and deep wrinkles. With age and through inheritance this tissue is atrophied, there are formed wrinkles and deep circles under the eyes, the lips can narrow and cheeks flatten. Fortunately, there is a solution. When fat is missing somewhere, you do not have to just dream it could be transferred. With lipofilling and lipografting, fat rejuvenation can be done very easily today!

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Women and men of all ages may be interested in filling with their own fat. The greatest success, however, is for the case of incipient face changes in younger people (up to 45 years of age). These methods will be helpful to those that have circles under their eyes or hollow cheeks which is caused by genes. There may be a very effective result reached for lip enlargement. You can take advantage of this method even when there are depressions with a lack of fat on your body or you wish to have your breast enlarged naturally.

Prerequisite for transplantation of fat is a sufficient volume of own fat for transfer. If you are very slim, there will be nowhere to take the fat from and lipofilling or lipografting will not be available to you.
Contraindications include ongoing inflammation of the skin or infection, especially herpes in the case of lip filling. We do not treat patients with diabetes or circulatory disorders.

You do not need to be afraid of serious health complications in the case of this undemanding procedure. Of course, it is still an intervention in the body and there is a minimal risk of cosmetic problems. However, fat rejuvenation is considered a very safe procedure.
It is important to consider that fat absorption differs from case to case. It can result in a certain asymmetry or it partially may transform into an oil cyst.

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Price start at 1 600 EUR

FAQ ABOUT rejuvenation of the fat

Which areas may be treated by lipofilling and lipografting?

Today, a lot of cosmetic problems can be solved with our own fat. Physicians can rejuvenate not only the eye area with its precise application. Fat will rejuvenate your face again, rid you of wrinkles and add shine to your lips. Other than the facial treatment (lipofilling of the face) it is also used to fill the depression between the tendons on the back of the hands that develop with age, to enlarge breasts, to improve the area of the neck, to enlarge lips and even to apply in the labia. Perhaps it is also possible to use it to get rid of atrophic scars. Fat rejuvenation is an increasingly popular method, which we might also recommend at our consultation.

What happens during the procedures of lipofilling and lipografting?

Depending on the extent, the procedure is performed in general or local anesthesia. It lasts about an hour and a half and consists of three parts:
1. gentle extraction of fat with a special cannula,
2. preparation of fat (its centrifuge, purification, separation)
3. fat transplantation to designated places.
After a short recovery period, you will be able to go home.

What is convalescence after fat rejuvenation like?

Post-treatment care focuses on two areas:
- the place the fat was sucked out
- treated place.
It is quite normal for swelling to occur so do not worry about this reaction and use cold compress at the affected areas. The best is ice not applied directly but wrapped in a bag, for example.

For purely health reasons, it is not strictly necessary to take long leave from work, you can return to work quite early. Of course, everything heals much better when resting.