Aptos thread lifting

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Aptos thread lifting

A youthful look again without saggy skin and unnecessary wrinkles!

Withering skin is common and unfortunately the most obvious sign of progressing age. It looks ugly, and unlike excess fat, you never get rid of it without professional help. At our clinic, we offer our patients several options, how to strengthen the skin and smoothen it out. We always choose the right method based on individual consultation and one of the options is available is Aptos Thread lifting.

The progressing age is no longer a reason to have to worry about your appearance. Modern methods may give you back your youthful looks and after a procedure that lasts tens of minutes, you will perhaps feel ten years younger.

If you wish to find out what we can do for your rejuvenation, order a free consultation at PRIMED Clinic. Our specialists will help you choose the right way!

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Aptos is a technique of facelifting which uses polypropylene fibers placed at suitable sites under the skin. It is performed in local anesthesia, it is painless, quick and most importantly it has immediately obvious results. What is unique about it is that it is performed without a scalpel and therefore without future scars. On the other hand, there is quite a substantial downside – it is not possible to perform it for a more advanced stage of skin sagginess, it mainly alleviates the initial symptoms. Therefore, it is not right to dream that you will undergo Aptos skin lifting because this option may not be appropriate in your case. If that happens, you do not have to despair, we will offer you another, more appropriate alternative.

The method of thread lifting is suitable especially for persons between the ages of 30 and 50 during which the first signs of saggy skin appear. It may be used for the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, lower jaws or cheekbones.
It is important to remember that the Aptos thread lifting does not replace the classic facelift, it only delays it considerably. The effect, however, is not permanent, modern threads will last for about five to seven years, then repeating the procedure is possible. Again, however, there must not be too much of the skin.

We do not treat oncology patients, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people with severe hypertension, diabetes, blood clotting disorder and other serious illnesses. If a patient suffers from an infectious disease, the skin has a wound at the place of application or a patient is shortly after another surgical procedure, we can only delay the procedure.
As has already been said, Aptos thread lifting is not suitable for those who have the skin condition too advanced. This is a solution for onsetting difficulties, so always follow the expert’s decision. Visit us at PRIMED Clinic for the introductory consultation and we evaluate if thread lifting can help you too. And if not we will recommend for example the regular face lifting. Together we will find a solution to make you feel young.

Sometimes there may be bruises developed at the location of the application. Thanks to quality threads it no longer happens these days that they would loosen after the application or move on their own. The only thing that might occur sometimes is an infection in the location of the application. It develops in men more often, probably because they have a higher amount of occurrence of sebaceous glands in their faces. In such a case we would prescribe antibiotics or the thread would be removed and after recovery, it would be introduced again. That is why it is important to keep the terms of checkups, which we schedule together.

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Price start at 800 EUR

FAQ ABOUT aptos thread lifting

What is the preoperative preparation like?

Aptos Thread lifting is no demanding procedure. Because only local anesthesia is used, it is needed to undergo a regular preoperative examination.
The experts will explain to you what will happen to your body, and right on your face, they will draw where the threads will go and then you will get the anesthesia. Within twenty to forty minutes, the magic will take place that will give you back your youthful look.

What is the thread lifting like?

In the underneath of the skin, there will be punctures through which a hollow needle will be applied and that is used to insert the threads. The needle is removed, the threads remain under the skin. They have tiny hooks whose job is to keep the skin in the right place. The ends of the threads are cut and hidden inside so there is nothing to see from the outside. There are no scars. Around the thread, there will be connective tissue and collagen clusters that are responsible for your new, youthful appearance.
The whole procedure takes about 15–40 minutes depending on the locations where the threads are applied. Then you may go home, no hospital stay is needed.

What is the recovery like after Aptos Thread lifting?

The procedure itself is simple, but postsurgical care is somewhat more difficult. The way you follow it will greatly influence the overall result. So be prepared for a few limitations. Three days after the procedure, it is advisable to sleep in an upward position and wear an elastic bandage. Make-up and skin cleaning should be reduced to a minimum, it is good to avoid using chewing muscles for the first couple of days, reduce your face mimicry. Begin physical activity two weeks later at the earliest.
Keep in mind that for up to a week you may still have swelling and bruises on your face. However, the healing time is shorter compared to the regular lifting. Everything is very individual and depends on the healing abilities of your body and the dutifulness with which you will follow our recommendations.